Re: Can Amaya manage external css?

IvanGabor a écrit ce qui suit, le 29/08/09 23:42 :
> [...] I can imagine, when I click Create rule, it would be possible to choose
> linked css instead of embedded. I suppose, it is a flick to create this
> function and this would make Amaya really the ultimate wysiwyg.

The function already exists to a certain extent. One may always open (at 
the bottom of the Format menu) external CSS files as plain text files.

Amaya controls the quality of the CSS. Write a page with external CSS. 
Put an obvious error in it (I did with vertical-align:center instead of 
middle). Use the erroneous class in the html page. Then ask in the 
Display menu to display errors. This error should be mentioned. If you 
double-click the localisation of the error, Amaya opens the external CSS 
(as text) and you may edit and save it.

The work that remains to be done is to link this with the CSS rules 
creator. One should compare with the CaScadeS editor that KompoZer has 
build into NVU and maybe reuse some code, or at least some logic of it. 
(This is above my competence: thus "work that remains to be done"… by 
others :-) Thanks to the Amaya team for the work already done.)

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