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Re: How to create nested lists in Amaya?

From: Corne Beerse <cbeerse@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 11:03:55 +0200
Message-ID: <4A94FA7B.8010205@gmail.com>
To: Irene.Vatton@inria.fr
CC: Helder Magalhães <helder.magalhaes@gmail.com>, www-amaya <www-amaya@w3.org>
Irene Vatton wrote:
> Le vendredi 21 août 2009 à 14:09 +0100, Helder Magalhães a écrit :
>> Hi Corné,
>>> At the moment I need to create a list in a list. In source, I like this:
>>> <ul>
>>> <li>here comes a sublist</li>
>>> <ul>
>>> <li>This is a sublisted item</li>
>>> <li>Next sublist</li>
>>> </ul>
>>> <li>next item on major list</li>
>>> </ul>
>> I guess you meant:
>> <ul>
>>   <li>here comes a sublist
>>     <ul>
>>       <li>This is a sublisted item</li>
>>       <li>Next sublist</li>
>>     </ul>
>>   </li>
>>   <li>next item on major list</li>
>> </ul>
>> (Note that, in order to create a sub-list, it should be placed within
>> the desired list element to be considered a child of that element.)
> That's true.
Sounds reasonable, I normally let Amaya (or frontpage) guide me on this.
>>> I recall by head that I could do this in Amaya by selecting the list
>>> function once more. However, in the current version, that does not work as
>>> expected...
>> Yes, I've just checked with version 11.2 and the behavior is somehow
>> buggy. I'm attaching a screen shot which both shows it's possible to
>> insert a sub-list and also showing a couple of issues (one is not
>> visible, it's behavioral).
> I suspect you expected to create a sub-list within the the "3" list
> item?
> In the snapshot, the sub-list (OOPS) is inserted into a empty list item.
> That is a valid HTML structure but I agree it is probably not desirable.
>> A. Inserting a sub-list:
>> 1. Create the list's parent element ("2" in the example), leaving the
>> cursor after the text;
>> 2. Go to "Insert" menu, option "List" and select the desired list type.
>> B. Returning to the parent element after creating a sub-list (in the
>> example, "3" after creating "2.2"):
>> 1. Press "Enter" key three times
>> 1.1. first creates a sibling element (which would be "2.3");
>> 1.2. second (unexpectedly) drops the list;
This is not unexpected to me, it happens with roughly all list kind 
elements: insert an other item (<p> by default) at the insert level of 
the list item. I use it once in a while.
>> 1.3. third one to gets the cursor into the parent level ("3").
>> In my opinion, the second "Enter" feels like broken behavior, although
>> it makes sense: Amaya places a paragraph ("<p></p>") and other kind of
>> content would be allowed (within the current list item's indenting
>> level). Nevertheless, I'd vote for Amaya supporting the usual "Tab"
>> and "Shift+Tab" key sequences, when the cursor is placed after the
>> bullet but before content, to control indenting level: this is the
>> interaction paradigm used in most WYSIWYG editors (Microsoft Word and
>> PowerPoint, for example). :-)
> Today "Tab" and "Shift+Tab" key sequences are used to skip to the next
> or previous link. We'll check if it's possible to implement this kind of
> control within a list.
At the moment the tab-key did not insert as I expected (as I'm used to 
in frontpage), I used the (dutch amaya) Opmaak -> Inspring -> Inspring 
Vergroten which changed <li> in <li style="Margin-left:2em;">. In the 
list elements I would expect it to switch to sublists of the same type.
>> C. Triggering a rendering+interaction bug:
>> 1. Before adding any content to a given list item, go to "Insert"
>> menu, option "List" and select a list type.
>> This is a somehow rare use-case, although I'd say this is
>> unexpected/buggy. But, as other browsers were also suffering from this
>> in the past (and Firefox still does [1]!), probably this can be
>> considered low priority. Note that, as Amaya doesn't seem to support
>> HTTPS (doesn't?! I just got very surprised...) -- I got a "Sorry, no
>> GET support yet for URLs of this type: https://[...]" error -- I
>> didn't checked how does Amaya perform with those (Firefox issue's)
>> test cases.
> The HTTPS support should be available in next release.
>> The problem to me, in this case, is the interaction issue: if one
>> creates a child list without any parent content ("OOPS!"), then it's
>> not possible to place the cursor in the parent content (in the
>> example, the next sibling of "3") without deleting it (place the
>> cursor before "OOPS!" and press backspace). This may be a source of
>> confusion to users not used to source view... :-|
>>> Who knows how I can get the sublist in amaya?
>> Hope this helps,
>>  Helder
Thanks for the info, specially on the location of the text cursor.

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