Re: content width inside tables

Thanks Peter for giving me a slap upside the head ala NCIS head honcho style.
I can fix my page menus by simply making the middle column class="nav"
as well.  That will make my three sites look ok in Amaya.....

Now one last quirk --- if the missing image's alt is changed to a longer string,
the content length of that element should adjust but it doesn't.  
Small bug but it might as well get fixed at same time
 the regression error for text-indent property is mended

On 19/08/2009, at 4:09 AM, wrote:

> This short example illustrates a problem calculating element content  
> width
> inside of a table.  the table is three columns. the second column  
> wraps
> unneededly causing extra lines.  width of table allows more on line
> view in any other browser to see expected results ...
> //

hmmm, interesting.
On first opening this test in Amaya, the center table cell
does not use the width: auto parameter to completely fill
the space between the two outer cells. This can be seen from the
green border. It is not simply a case of the cell
not handling its text contents

If I use the window adjust corner to squash the window
too narrow, there comes a point where the outer cells
crowd in and touch the center cell. Dragging the window
out wider now leaves the center cell behaving as it should.

Amaya 11.2
MacOS 10.5.7

Peter Kerr
School of Music-- 
John Russell, VE3LL@COGECO.CA

Received on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 21:39:25 UTC