Re: Problem, Amaya quits & Annotations

S. Jonckheere wrote:
> Can somebody reproduce these problems or is this an isolated issue, 
> possibly me doing something wrong:
> 1. Amaya quits with an error when I close the Amaya application while 
> the Help window is still open. (11.1 on Windows XP)
> 2. Amaya suddenly quits with an error when I close the annotation 
> window after I save a new annotation. (11.1 on Windows XP)
> 3. It looks as if annotation files are saved (they are on disk) but 
> Amaya cannot open annotations when I click on them in a document: 
> "Cannot load annot*.html" appears in the status bar. I store annotations 
> on localhost. (11 on Windows 2000, 11.1 on Windows XP)
> 4. The following annotation features from the Help file do not seem to 
> work (11 on Windows 2000, 11.1 on Windows XP):
> - "Double-click on the text Annotation type [in the annotation window] 
> to see the list of types available."
> - "The Source document field is a link that points back to the annotated 
> text. If the user double-clicks it (...) the annotated document will be 
> displayed with the annotated text highlighted."

Amaya has had problems with crashing after annotations for a long time. 
I had to go back to v9 to find a version which wasn't crash-prone.


Received on Wednesday, 13 May 2009 19:46:22 UTC