Problem, Amaya quits & Annotations

Can somebody reproduce these problems or is this an isolated issue, possibly me doing something wrong:

1. Amaya quits with an error when I close the Amaya application while the Help window is still open. (11.1 on Windows XP)

2. Amaya suddenly quits with an error when I close the annotation window after I save a new annotation. (11.1 on Windows XP)

3. It looks as if annotation files are saved (they are on disk) but Amaya cannot open annotations when I click on them in a document: "Cannot load annot*.html" appears in the status bar. I store annotations on localhost. (11 on Windows 2000, 11.1 on Windows XP)

4. The following annotation features from the Help file do not seem to work (11 on Windows 2000, 11.1 on Windows XP):
- "Double-click on the text Annotation type [in the annotation window] to see the list of types available."
- "The Source document field is a link that points back to the annotated text. If the user double-clicks it (...) the annotated document will be displayed with the annotated text highlighted."

Received on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 13:23:03 UTC