Re: SVG compatibility

Irene, OOps, sorry, I should have been more specific.
See below:
At 09:29 30/09/2005, Irene Vatton said to RF:
>I hope you test amaya 9.X version and not amaya 8.x versions.
>Scaling, rotation, etc. are only implemented in amaya 9.x

The Amaya I used for the test was downloaded yesterday. It reports as 9.2.2 Sep 16 2005

>We're interested, but we don't have the neeeded task force to work on SVG today.

OK, I will use Inkscape to strip one or two of the images to the simplest construct that still illustrates the problem.
I understand that the report will be archived until the time that you have the resources to fix the problem.
Thanks for the prompt response,

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