Re: SVG compatibility

On Friday 30 September 2005 08:32, Ray Foulkes wrote:
> If I view the "recently aquired" items on in
> the nightly Firefox build, the images look fine. If I view them in Amaya,
> some are OK e.g. notebook1_sergio_luiz_ar_01.svg and some are just rubbish
> e.g. pc_box_sergio_luiz_arauj_02.svg which shows components of the picture
> scattered in the top left corner of my Amaya window. Looks fine in Inkscape
> but that is not surprising since that is how it was constructed. Looks fine
> using the Adobe viewer. Several of the images have similar problems -
> unviewable in Amaya. 

I hope you test amaya 9.X version and not amaya 8.x versions.
Scaling, rotation, etc. are only implemented in amaya 9.x

> So, to the questions: 
> 1.  Do you believe that it is Firefox + Inkscape + Adobe that are wrong
> (big implications since work is underway on producing thousands of free
> clipart images)? 

Certainly no.

> 2. Are you currently working on/are interested in, svg 
> viewing defects and you know about all the problems i.e. should we wait
> until some future release of Amaya?

We're interested, but we don't have the neeeded task force to work on SVG 

> If you believe that Amaya is rendering correctly then it seems to me fairly
> critical for the future of svg that the other implementations are
> "corrected" or else there will be a huge body of non-compliant clip art out
> there.
> Ray

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