Re: padding in tables out of place

Micha asked:
You don't work with </td> and </tr> ?

Yes, Micha, I do.

The HTML in the example was just written with vi, a text editor.
Traditional HTML does not need the closing tags where there are 
higher level tags appearing. In my example the only closing needed
 is <table>.
I paste the text in Amaya and then it's Amaya who adds the closing 
tags, besides indenting and tidying.

Anyway I retested with the </td>'s abd </tr>'s there and still 
didn't work.
I noticed yet another problem: the <td> cells get wider but the 
<th> cells don't. 
The table heading renders narrower then the table body.

Thanks Micha.
Juan Lanus

Received on Wednesday, 21 September 2005 15:17:37 UTC