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On Monday 12 September 2005 17:06, Michael Palmer wrote:
> Hi,
> In the Amaya help page 'Using the HTML.trans File' it says:
> "In a pattern it is possible to express conditions on sequence of tags, on
> the content of a tag and on the existence and value of attributes."
> All examples on that page or in HTML.trans itself only seem to use the
> sequence and nesting of tags. I cannot find an explanation of the syntax or
> examples of usage with attributes, e.g. to transform something like
> <p class="magic1">placeholder1</p>
> to e.g.
> <ul class="magic2">
> <li>placeholder2</li>
> <li>placeholder3</li>
> </ul>
> Is that at all possible?

It's possible to transmit the class attribute with following rule
Bulleted list: (p|ol|menu|dir|pre|form)+;
        p > <ul class=p.class>:<li>;
        ol > <ul class=ol.class>;
        pre > ul:li.pre;
        form > ul:li.form;

"class=p.class" says that the class attribute of the created <ul> is equal to 
to class attribute of the original <p>.
I made these changes in Amaya/amaya/HTML.trans to keep the class attribute.

> Also, in the above quote, does 'content of a tag' refer to nested tag
> structure or to actual data within a tag? If the latter, is there a
> description of the syntax anywhere?

It concerns nested tags, but of course transformations keep tags content.

> Thank you, Michael

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