Re: [Moderator Action] Re: Amaya 8.6 bug: keyboard shortcuts

Not sure what happened, but now using amaya_gtk-8.8.1-1_i386.deb and my 
close window shortcut isn't working anymore -- see amaya.keyboard below.

> > On Tuesday 12 October 2004 09:07, Irene Vatton wrote:
> > > We changed some default keyboard shortcuts in 8.6 but not the shortcut
> > > to close a document. It was already ctrl-x ctrl k in 8.5 deb.
> > but my amaya.keyboard says "Ctrl <Key>w:    CloseDocument()" and it 
> > isn't being followed...?
> I found out why.
> Due to confusion with wxWidgets the CloseDocument() command is now 
> called AmayaCloseWindow()
> Sorry for the inconvenience.

#Ctrl <Key>w:   AmayaCloseWindow()
Ctrl <Key>w:    AmayaCloseTab()

Ctrl <Key>l , <Key>d: CreateDefinitionTerm()
Ctrl <Key>l , <Key>o: CreateNumberedList()
Ctrl <Key>l , <Key>n: CreateList()

Ctrl <Key>u , <Key>i: SetOnOffINS()
Ctrl <Key>u , <Key>d: SetOnOffDEL()
Ctrl <Key>b:    SetOnOffStrong()
Ctrl <Key>i:    SetOnOffEmphasis()
Ctrl <Key>q:    CreateBlockQuote()
Ctrl <Key>t:    SetOnOffCode()
Ctrl <Key>Return:       CreateBreak("\212")
Ctrl <Key>Space:        TtcInsertChar("\240")

Alt <Key>Left:      GotoPreviousHTML()
Alt <Key>Right:       GotoNextHTML()
<Key>Home: TtcPageTop()
<Key>End: TtcPageEnd()
<Key>Up: TtcPreviousLine()
<Key>Escape: TtcParentElement()
Ctrl <Key>Up: TtcPreviousElement()
<Key>F2:        TtcParentElement()
Ctrl <Key>Down: TtcNextElement()
Ctrl <Key>Left: TtcParentElement()
Ctrl <Key>Right: TtcChildElement()
Ctrl <Key>f:    TtcSearchText()
Ctrl <Key>n:    New()
Ctrl <Key>o:    OpenDocInNewWindow()
Ctrl <Key>r:    Reload()
Alt <Key>F4:    TtcCloseDocument()
Alt <Key>=: ZoomIn()
Alt <Key>-: ZoomOut()
Ctrl <Key>a: TtcStartOfLine()
Ctrl <Key>e:    TtcEndOfLine()
Alt <Key>v , <Key>s: ShowStructure()
Alt <Key>v , <Key>x: ShowSource()

<Key>Delete:    TtcDeleteSelection()
<Key>Return:    TtcCreateElement()
<Key>F7:    SpellCheck()
Ctrl <Key>c:    TtcCopySelection()
Ctrl <Key>d:    TtcDeleteSelection()
Ctrl <Key>g:  CreateTarget()
Ctrl <Key>h:    CreateHorizontalRule()
Ctrl <Key>k:    CreateOrChangeLink()
Ctrl <Key>p:    SetupAndPrint()
Ctrl <Key>s:    SaveDocument()
Ctrl <Key>v:    TtcPaste()
Ctrl <Key>x:    TtcCutSelection()
Ctrl <Key>z:    TtcUndo()

#header elements
Ctrl <Key>1:     CreateHeading1()
Ctrl <Key>2:     CreateHeading2()
Ctrl <Key>3:     CreateHeading3()
Ctrl <Key>4:     CreateHeading4()
Ctrl <Key>5:     CreateHeading5()
Ctrl <Key>6:     CreateHeading6()

Received on Tuesday, 13 September 2005 07:19:24 UTC