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On Thursday 08 September 2005 17:25, George Herson wrote:
> Hi,
> new interface is cool. nice job.
> Requests regarding the Edit - Find... function:
> + Have a Find Again function. (Or implement the "Allow
> repetion of previous command (Word and Excel have F4
> for the same purpose)" wishlist item.)


> + Default the "Seach in <docname>" dialog to:
> ++ Place the cursor in the "Search for" box, instead
> of leaving it on the document.

Amaya keeps the selection in the document.
Normally it moves the focus into the  "Search for" and it works with Linux 
We'll check why wxWidgets toolkit doesn't do the same thing on Windows 

> ++ Search in the whole document on pop-up (and /then/
> to search after the current selection).

The default search domain depends on the selection state:
- if there is no selection -> the default is in the whole document then search 
after the current selection.
- if there is a selection ->  the default is after the selection

> Other Request:
> + After I click Views - Show table of contents
> that menu item should appear with a check next to it
> and allow me to toggle it off by clicking it again.

That's quite more complex because you can combine all Show and Split entries.
By example:
- Open a second view with Show or Split (structure, table of contents, source, 
- Replace this second view by another with Show (structure, table of contents, 
source, etc.)
- Split vertically instead of horizontally
- Split horizontally instead of vertically

Only Split entries could appear with a check next to them, but we preferred to 
display an icon that explain what kind of split is generated.

> Bug:
> + The Views - "Split view horizontally" and Views -
> "Split view vertically" menu items can disappear
> mysteriously, requiring I re-open the document.

I cannot reporduce this bug.
Could you send a scenario that generates this problem.

> thank you,
> George
> Amaya 9.2.1 on WinXP

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