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On Tuesday 06 September 2005 10:13, jswalkerjr wrote:
> Good Morning
> My name is James Walker.  I would like to become involved with the creation
> of your package. I am using a personnel built P4 computer with an IBM CPU
> and Windows 2000 server software with any and all updates from Microsoft. I
> am using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition for my development
> environment.
> After several attempts I got the amay-fullsrc-9.2.1.tga package dated
> 1/22/2005 to compile and execute.  The first thing I notice is that the top
> header bar says "Welcome to Amaya 8.8 and the about says Amaya - 8.8 Sep 6
> 2005, (I am guessing the Sep 6 is the compile date) and the home page says
> Amaya 9.2.

With the same full source package you can generate the 8.8 version (Win32 User 
Interface) or the 9.2 version (wxWidgets User Interface).
 - Amaya\Windows\amaya.dsw is used to generate the 8.8.1 version
 - Amaya\WindowsWX\amaya.dsw is used to generate the 9.2.1 version
   For this version you must compile wxWidgets:
      load the workspace wxWidgets/build/msw/wx.dsw and launch the batch build
  You must compile freetype too:
       load the workspace freetype/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsw

I updated the page to explain 

> I also downloaded Amaya package from the web which is 9.2.1. This package
> has a few major problems. 1) I keep getting memory errors trying to create
> inline frames. Normally these type of errors are from sending a text string
> to a variable that is not big enough to hold the string.  I notice that in
> 8.8 the inline frame is turned off. (Depends on the type of document? ) 

We'll check this problem.

> 2) 
> When Amaya abort there is no prompt it just quits. Try inserting fames. I
> noticed in the code a function that say frames need to be developed.

When Amaya aborts it just try to save the current state of edited files, so it 
could propose to restore these current files when re-starting.

> Amaya 8.8 comments
> 1) the input box does not work correctly. Or in
> 9.2.1, try  the string exceeds
> the length of the input box and instead of it scrolling behind or inside of
> the box it overwrites the check box that you push to validate the page.
> This works correctly in IE.

Yes we didn't develop all browsing functionalities.

> Questions:
> 1) Why the difference in the File-> New document menus between 8.8 and 9.2?
> Is is not better to give the creator a choice of what they are creating? 

9.2 is the new generation of UI. New UI changes are not reported in old 8.8 

> 2) 
> Why does my site not work in Amaya? I'll
> work on this one. 

> 3) Why do frames not work at all in Amaya?  Even your 
> example does not work

We won't encourage people to use frames due to accessibility problems.

> What I do like.
> 1) The tabs for the different pages in 9.2.1 are a good thing.
> 2) Amaya knows it's previous session failed. Why does is not catch the
> failure and not abort? There are no entries in the event log except the
> memory errors.

We'd like to write code that never crashs.

> Suggestions. Separate the editor and the browser into different packages. 

No, the idea is to integrate the two functions to make the Web easier to edit.

> Make the browser more forgiving. I cannot find a validator button in the
> GUI.

The structure editing in Amaya controls the validity of the generated HTML.

> Please let me know if you would like me to asset in this project.  I have
> many more questions, most I will have to do research into the
> specifications of HTML.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.

> Thank You
> James Walker

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