Re: Amaya over (remote) X terminals

> > The GTK version doesn't seem to start at all
> (fails
> > with Gdk-ERROR **: Bad Value (integer parameter
> out of
> > range for operation).
> Are you able to execute other remote GTK
> applications?

Yes, I'm running the whole GNOME desktop on an X
terminal, I've not experienced this problem with
anything else. (Someone else reported this on the list
some time ago:

> > The WX version works but typing is very slow
> indeed -
> > almost unusably slow.
> I don't know if your X terminal provides a GL
> hardware support?
> If it does, you could increase performances by using
> it.

No and I presume this is the problem. I'd be happy
with the GTK version if I could get it working. Can I
compile the WX version without OpenGL?

> We provide an experimental Debian GL hardware
> package, but
> you can also compile your version from sources with
> appropriate options
> (--with-wx --with-gl).

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