BUG: multiple in Mac OS X 10.4.2


Reporting the following Bugs found using Amaya 9.2.1 (Jul 12 2005):
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.2 (Build 8C46)
HW: 15" Powerbook G4 (1.5 GHz PowerPC G4, 512 MB DDR SDRAM)
DISPLAY: 1280 x 854, Millions

1. Copy & Paste an area in Formatted view does not include HTML tags.
doc: HTML Transitional, text/html, iso-8859-1
copy: <hr><h3>Section Title</h3><p>First line of paragraph
paste (at start of <p>): Section TitleFirst line of paragraph

copy: same code in Structure view
paste: same result no tags included.

2. Views Menu -- Show ... (Structure & Source):
a. does not change to Hide ... nor show checked when panel is visible
b. nor does selecting Show ... again remove panel. Must double-click
panel divider to remove ... view.

3. Tools -- Table button & XHTML Menu -- Table option:
Nothing happens after picking Confirm.
ex: enter values of 6 columns, 16 rows, & 1 border using the up-down
then pick Confirm. Nothing.

4. Preferences window:
Incorrect size: Tabs and area cut off.
Left side tab = "neral" [resized shows "General"]
Right side tab = "Web" [resized shows "WebDAV"]

5. Preference Window - Browsing Tab
Opening Location Choices do not match choices when opening document:
Cannot set default to "Replace current"

Browsing Tab
   1. In new tab (not yet available on Mac OSX)
   2. In new Window
File -- Open document...
   1. Replace current
   2. In new tab (not yet avaialble on Mac OSX)
   3. In new window.

Lonny L. Granstrom

Received on Wednesday, 17 August 2005 07:18:59 UTC