Re: Amaya 9.0-pre

>really nice work!
Thank you :)

>Here are some comments (might be too late for the release):
>- Tools/Colors: selecting a foreground/background color only display the
>color on the borders of the buttons, instead of coloring the entire
What is your patforme : WinXP, Linux ? If it is Linux, do you have a GTK 
theme ? Could you show me the problem on a screenshot ?

>- it would nice to have a "cross" button (similar to the one for the
>Tools tab) in order to close tabs, under the amaya logo for example. It
>would also be nice to have one in order to stop a "split view" as well.
I will put this feature on the wish list, maybe I will implement it if I 
have enought time.

>- Tools/XHTML: the buttons stays as 3x4 and don't re-flow themselves.
Yes, It has been done like that...  maybe It could be better to 
calculate a new layout each time the panel is resized... I will 

Thank you for your reports.

Stéphane GULLY - (

Received on Wednesday, 8 December 2004 15:51:50 UTC