Re: AmayaWX 9.0pre WinXP bugs: keyboard bugs

Hi, Stéphane:

>>* AmayaWX 9.0pre WinXP does not write braces or brackets ({ } [ ])
>I can't reproduce this bug on my computer.

In Spanish keyboards, braces and brackets, are typed using the 
AltGr key and the keys next the Enter key, as you can see in the 
following image:

I suppose French or English keyboards use different keys, but I suppose 
the keys used in Spanish keyboards are used in French keyboards for 
other symbols. Please check them. In a Spanish keyboard, the 
symbols \ | @ # ~ ¬ can be typed in Amaya 9.0 pre, 
but \ € [ ] { } can not be typed

This is a very serious bug for a Spanish user, because CSS files 
can not be edited. By the way, the other Windows way to type 
characters (Alt+ASCII code, for instance Alt+125 = } ), does not 
work either in Amaya 9.0 pre, but it worked in Amaya 8.7.

Best regards,

Received on Tuesday, 7 December 2004 18:51:38 UTC