Re: Amaya 9.0-pre: "\" in the address field

At 2004-12-07 17:54, Stephane Gully <> wrote:

>>Spell checking is entered if an attempt is done to enter a "\" in the 
>>browser address field.
>Sorry I can't reproduce this bug.
>Could you give use more info ? What is you OS : WinXP, Linux ?
>Stéphane GULLY - (

It is a Windows XP SP2 system.

When trying to repeat the error I was first not able to do it. Retracing my 
steps I was then able to reproduce the "bug":

What I did was to select Help and Spell Checking. When selecting the listed 
topic did not work, I opend the Source view and copied the path to the 
required page and pasted it in the browser address field. Trying to alter 
the "/" to a "\" now brings up spellchecking.

Now even a newly started copy of the broswer exhibits the bug without the 
convulted process above.

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