Re: Amaya 8.7, auto-insert of alt attribute

Irčne Vatton wrote:
> Why you don't insert mandatory ALT attributes and change your perl script 
> to copying existing ALT attributes into TITLE  attributes which are not mandatory?

My reason for, years ago, to replace 'alt' attributes by 'title' 
attributes was to support the 'balloon' help which is the Netscape 
(Mozilla ...) family browsers way of handling the title attribute. I 
specifically utilize that in connection with the 'NEW' icon found in the 
web pages of the Werner Icking Music Archive 
( Point your mouse to the yellow icons 
on the welcoming page and you'll see the latest date when a score by the 
composer in question was added to the archive. The netscape browsers do 
not present 'balloon help' from alt attributes.

When I once replaced the alt attributes by title attributes I didn't 
care (say know) about valid HTML. Later I developed the perl script in 
question ao. in order to get my Icking Archive web pages HTML 4.01 
conformant by cloning the title attributes. So you're right - I could 
solve my problem by replacing the title attributes in my 'source' html 
files and modify my postprocessing perl script accordingly. But I've got 
hundreds of separate html sources to maintain for the Icking Archive - 

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