RE: Multi-line meta attributes

no way. just throw it all out because it wont work.

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Subject: Multi-line meta attributes

Thank you, Irene, for adding this to your todo list (from the 
www-amaya list). 
If my request is too late to be implemented for the October 
release, would you please help me to find where the changes 
should be made in the source code? 

Irene Vatton wrote: 
>I guess it's possible to keep initial line-breaks within 
>attribute values but that needs time for the development 
>and tests. I added this item to our todo list. 
>> Original message: 
>> Would it be feasible for Amaya to maintain multi-line formatting 
>> for "description" and "keywords" meta entries?  
>> My content attributes are lengthy, so for ease in editing, 
>> I split these over several lines using Source view. 
>> When saving from the main view, Amaya reformats these content 
>> attributes, converting all linefeeds to spaces. Can this behavior 
>> be changed? 

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