Re: Local style sheet

OK, I should look for that bit, because it would be useful to be able to set
my local style sheet as a preference.

I am using an HTML file because then I can make the style shet my home page,
and I can do styling by example to change defaults, instead of having to
write CSS.

(There is still no way to save the style sheet from an HTML document either
into an existing stylesheet, or into a new one, so this is the only way
around that).



On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Irene Vatton wrote:

  > I am using a local style sheet that is in fact an HTML document. When I open
  > it in amaya it is opened as a text document, becuase it was saved as
  > amaya.css
  > Can I change this, so I can save it as something.html?

  You need to patch the code to change that because today Amaya looks for
  the user's style sheet at a predefined address "amaya.css" in the user's
  home directory.
  Why are you using a HTML file?

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