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Re: Amaya's as Browser Vs Amaya as Coding Tool

From: Dan Herrick <herrick@ps.bellhowell.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 09:31:08 -0400 (EDT)
To: Irene Vatton <Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr>
Cc: "Frederic G. MARAND" <fgm@osinet.fr>, www-amaya@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.21.0108230926340.721-100000@wgs.apps1.bellhow.com>

By the way, in my far from humble opinion,
Amaya is one of the best available browsers,
because of its treatment of many of the
features of other browsers that are not supported
by the standards.

I wouldn't consider it worth the effort to ask my
question of the people behind Netscape or Internet

Thank-you, Irene and your team.

dan       dlh@dlh.com
http://www.NationalReform.org/ - Explicitly Christian Politics

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Irene Vatton wrote:

> > When will Amaya allow me to create a local stylesheet
> > that cascades ahead of the page author's stylesheet
> > and overwhelms those absolute width features.
> > 
> > Or the dark green stripe on the right hand edge of
> > everything at www.townhall.com that makes the last
> > few characters of every line toward the bottom of
> > each article invisible and indistinguishable?
> You can disable style sheets today with the menu 
> Style/Style sheets/Disable
> but I agree the interface is not perfect.
> > 
> > (I haven't done much playing with Amaya 5.1 -- does
> > it now allow the reader to cascade his own stylesheet
> > in priority over the styles of the author? Of course,
> > what I really want is to make a stylesheet that trumps
> > all the Netscape-invented appearance markup.)
> Amaya doesn't handle CSS priorities correctly yet.
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