Re: Amaya's as Browser Vs Amaya as Coding Tool

> When will Amaya allow me to create a local stylesheet
> that cascades ahead of the page author's stylesheet
> and overwhelms those absolute width features.
> Or the dark green stripe on the right hand edge of
> everything at that makes the last
> few characters of every line toward the bottom of
> each article invisible and indistinguishable?

You can disable style sheets today with the menu 
Style/Style sheets/Disable
but I agree the interface is not perfect.

> (I haven't done much playing with Amaya 5.1 -- does
> it now allow the reader to cascade his own stylesheet
> in priority over the styles of the author? Of course,
> what I really want is to make a stylesheet that trumps
> all the Netscape-invented appearance markup.)

Amaya doesn't handle CSS priorities correctly yet.

Received on Thursday, 23 August 2001 02:41:46 UTC