Re: Amaya's as Browser Vs Amaya as Coding Tool

I like the way Amaya and Lynx treat frames, giving
me control over my windows in spite of everything
those nasty page authors can do to try to force me
to spend window real estate on things I'm not 
interested in and force me to have my window the
same shape as theirs. (And always have the keyboard
focus in the wrong frame so PgUp and PgDn and UpArrow
and DownArrow scroll some part of the screen other
than what I am looking at.)

And I really do consider the page authors in question
to be nasty.

Down with absolute widths.

When will Amaya allow me to create a local stylesheet
that cascades ahead of the page author's stylesheet
and overwhelms those absolute width features.

Or the dark green stripe on the right hand edge of
everything at that makes the last
few characters of every line toward the bottom of
each article invisible and indistinguishable?

(I haven't done much playing with Amaya 5.1 -- does
it now allow the reader to cascade his own stylesheet
in priority over the styles of the author? Of course,
what I really want is to make a stylesheet that trumps
all the Netscape-invented appearance markup.)

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On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Frederic G. MARAND wrote:

> Amaya's as Browser Vs Amaya as Coding ToolStrictly speaking, frame ARE
> present in Amaya. It's just that they're displayed in a way that differs
> from your vanilla user-oriented browser...
> I'm more worried about Amaya not implementing the DOM and a reference
> ECMAscript engine than about frames.
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> > As I did a small comparison of it's capability as a browser viewing common
> > web sites like "", "" and a website we created
> with
> > FrontPage 2000 for our Intranet. The Results with Amaya viewing "msn" and
> > "yahoo" were pretty miserable... with the FP2000 site a great deal better.
> Actually, there are some "features" (like frames, if I
> remember correctly) which are not present in Amaya by design;
> moreover, FrontPage is known to add some "features" on its
> own, which are not standard (nothing really strange -
> Netscape won over Mosaic for the very same reason...)
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