Re: Amaya's as Browser Vs Amaya as Coding Tool

Amaya's as Browser Vs Amaya as Coding ToolStrictly speaking, frame ARE
present in Amaya. It's just that they're displayed in a way that differs
from your vanilla user-oriented browser...

I'm more worried about Amaya not implementing the DOM and a reference
ECMAscript engine than about frames.

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From: Maurizio Codogno
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Subject: Re: Amaya's as Browser Vs Amaya as Coding Tool
> As I did a small comparison of it's capability as a browser viewing common
> web sites like "", "" and a website we created
> FrontPage 2000 for our Intranet. The Results with Amaya viewing "msn" and
> "yahoo" were pretty miserable... with the FP2000 site a great deal better.

Actually, there are some "features" (like frames, if I
remember correctly) which are not present in Amaya by design;
moreover, FrontPage is known to add some "features" on its
own, which are not standard (nothing really strange -
Netscape won over Mosaic for the very same reason...)

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