Double-spaces at ends of sentences?

I have just downloaded Amaya 5.1.  A comment/query...

In English it is customary to place two spaces after a period at the end of
a sentence.  However, current HTML browsers generally squeeze spaces into a
single space, so a paragraph like this one would be displayed with only one
space between sentences.

Some current WYSIWYG HTML editors cover for this by changing the first space
to a non-breaking space ( ).  This forces the browser to display two

I noticed that Amaya will change the NBSP-SP sequence into two regular
spaces.  That is to say, if I read in a document with the NBSP-SP sequence
and then save it again the sequence is changed to SP-SP.  Hmmm...

I admit, there may be some change to the HTML specification to cover for
this somehow and I just don't know about it.  Or perhaps Amaya has this
behavior for some other reason to which I am not privy.  So I'm not claiming
this is a bug, I just would like to know the reasoning.

Marc M. Adkins

Received on Monday, 13 August 2001 04:07:50 UTC