Re: Print crashes Amaya 5.1 on Win98


Since I also work with Amaya 5.1 under Win98, I've made a test with my

It was printed and I got no error message. However, the two pictures that
that page contains came out as two totally dark rectangules, and this
happened with two different printers.

Josť Carlos Santos

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Will W wrote:

> Hi, everyone. I'm new to the list and new to Amaya. It looks like it is
> going to become my primary writing tool. I like the interface.
> Problem:
> When I attempt to print from Amaya 5.1 on a Win98 system, I get the
> following messages:
> Error- Source: PrintDoc (4)
> then either I get the Windows "program has performed an illegal
> operation and will be shut down" dialog or sometimes the blue screen of
> death "Fatal exception has 0A has occurred at 0147:00008831..." or Amaya
> crashes without any notification.
> Sometimes the material is sent to the printer and prints okay. At other
> times only part of the material prints. Sometimes I get multiple copies
> and the printer spool talks of printing "page 57 of 2 pages," etc.
> I have scanned the archives back to January for every report of printer
> problems or crashes I could find without seeing anything like this. Is
> there a fix that I've missed? Is this a known problem? If it is
> something new, is there anything I can do to help identify it better?
> Will Woodhull

Received on Thursday, 19 July 2001 10:07:56 UTC