Re: Print crashes Amaya 5.1 on Win98

> Hi, everyone. I'm new to the list and new to Amaya. It looks like it is
> going to become my primary writing tool. I like the interface.
> Problem:
> When I attempt to print from Amaya 5.1 on a Win98 system, I get the
> following messages:
> Error- Source: PrintDoc (4)
> then either I get the Windows "program has performed an illegal
> operation and will be shut down" dialog or sometimes the blue screen of
> death "Fatal exception has 0A has occurred at 0147:00008831..." or Amaya
> crashes without any notification.
> Sometimes the material is sent to the printer and prints okay. At other
> times only part of the material prints. Sometimes I get multiple copies
> and the printer spool talks of printing "page 57 of 2 pages," etc.
> I have scanned the archives back to January for every report of printer
> problems or crashes I could find without seeing anything like this. Is
> there a fix that I've missed? Is this a known problem? If it is
> something new, is there anything I can do to help identify it better?
> Will Woodhull

Hello Will,

Does your printing problem occurs with some specific documents or is it 
If it concerns certain documents only, could you send us one of them.


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Received on Thursday, 19 July 2001 06:51:35 UTC