RE: Rendering of Indents (<DIR>)

> From:	Charles McCathieNevile []
> dt {display: block ; font-weight: bold }
> dd {display: inline }
	I would say that dt should be display: compact and dd 
	should be display: block, although I don't know how
	well compact is supported.  I think I got a test case to
	work on IE5 once, but I'm not sure.

> On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Scott Davis wrote:
>   As I understand it, this is the sort of thing that <DIR> and <MENU> were
>   supposed to assist.
	DL was intended for this, and I seem to remember that some
	early browsers actually implemented it that way.  I was one
	of the early casualties to popularisation and presentationalising
	of HTML.

	I never really understood why the it wasn't implemneted like this,
	although a realisation that the market was not interested in
	may have mean that designing code to support it was too low a

	I think DIR was intended for the sort of multi-column directory
	listing that you get with an MS-DOS dir command or Unix ls -C (some
	don't need the -C).

	I'm not so sure about MENU, but I think a good way to format it
	would have been like the very first presentational pseudo list form
	in HTML:   [ option 1 | option 2 | option 3 ], but it's too late

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