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>  But, how Amaya supports XLink and XPointer? How can I work with XLink and
> XPointer using Amaya? 

Yes Amaya handles also a subset of XLink and XPointer.
When you create a link from an MathML or an SVG element you genereate an XLink.
We use also XPointer in the annotation application.
We can do more by generalizing the use of XPointer and XLink, but resulting
documents could be readable by Amaya only.
Our plan is to add a new command that generate an XPointer corresponding to
the current selection and a command that generates a XLink to this XPointer.

>   Is there other available tool in W3C that I can use XLink and XPointer
> with a XML document?

 All available tools are listed at:



Received on Thursday, 29 March 2001 02:27:52 UTC