CSS and various other html things

I've noticed that the main focus of people testing/using Amaya seems to 
have shifted to XML and MATHML. I haven't seen any comments for a while 
about the rendering of html and style sheets.

The following comments are from using v.4.3.2 dated 23 March 2001.

I've noticed that Amaya now renders complex tables properly, now actually 
better than IE or Netscape. Just one problem with the tables, I can't 
figure out how to remove the borders. In the source I have border="0" but 
it seems to have no efffect, I'm getting a thin dark border between cells. 
Also buttons for submitting forms don't grow to fit the text.

Now onto CSS problems, I've set the colours for links but Amaya doesn't 
seem to show the colours. A normal link should be black and underlined, a 
visited link should be black without underline. Amaya uses default colours 
of blue and purple (the blue is almost impossible to read in the nav bar on 
the page).

Also is there an possibility that Amaya will support JavaScripts?

Looking good, keep up the great work.

Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2001 12:12:40 UTC