Re: strange error on a MathML document

> I have a MathML test document at
> It parses ok and most of the character entities are ok
> but there are lots of > characters interspesed in the display
> Can anyone spot the problem.  Is it in the code or is
> it in the Amaya browser ???   Inquiring minds are wondering !!!

Hello John,

In fact, there are two kinds of problems with this document.
The first one (> characters interspesed in the display) is due to a 
communication problem between the HTML parser and the XML parser used in Amaya.
For HTML documents with embedded XML sub-trees (as in the document you 
mentionned), Amaya starts with the HTML parser and for each <math>...</math> 
sequence, launches the XML parser.
The second problem concerns many entities (as &amp;langle; for instance) that 
are not correctly interpreted by Amaya.

We will solve these problems in the next release


Laurent Carcone

Received on Tuesday, 20 March 2001 04:46:47 UTC