Re: Bug report and ideas

> Whilst I think that it is incorrect that one needs to
> include a bogus space when the image really is purely
> cosmetic, accepting the empty contents of the alternative
> text box is what a typical commercial tool might
> do, not what a standards enforcing tool should do.

What about auto-generate an alt text? such as the image's name without the
.gif extension? or the image's software text chunk? (this could be really an
idea) Don't act know-it-all, mr. Woolley, we don't need to piss off people
with stupid, enabled-by-default dialogs. Don't pretend to indoctrinate them.
Show the warning during validation, NOT during editing. Or show it in the
status bar, just like Homesite does (I believe you have a lot to learn from
Allaire - not the memory management for sure :), so the user can continue
his/her work without interruption

Anyway that message is plain stupid. I used to use gif images to create
round corners for tables and other merely cosmetic artifacts, and to enforce
table layout as well (we really need a true layout grid), why the heck
should a 3x3 pixel round corner have an alt text? is it supposed to?

Be practical: people don't use <table>'s to show tabular data, people don't
use gif images to express deep concepts or add content to a page

> I'd even suggest that, with a check box, it should still
> generate a warning, explaining why alt text was needed, and
> defaulted to not accepting the change.

Amaya promises to be the next winner of the Interfaces Hall of Shame

Received on Monday, 19 March 2001 20:41:26 UTC