Small problem with Amaya 4.3


after configuring Amaya 4.3 under AIX 4.1.4 using 

  configure  --prefix=/usr/local/contrib --with-x --with-motif

all compiled well (gcc version but there is strange effect: 

Issueing "amaya" within my HOME-directory I got the messages

  System wide unix-thot.rc not found at /home/config/unix-thot.rc
  missing environment variable THOTDIR
  WARNING: cannot open file en-libdialogue
  cannot find messages table

and amaya doesn't start.  After issueing

  export THOTDIR=/usr/local/contrib/Amaya

amaya seems to start but gives nevertheless the message

  System wide unix-thot.rc not found at /home/config/unix-thot.rc

But if I change into other directories calling "amaya" works well ! 

Any configuration error by me?



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Received on Thursday, 1 March 2001 14:46:47 UTC