Re: <img ... height="x%">

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> >       <tr><td height="8%"><img SRC="sym-home.gif" height="100%"></td></tr>
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> 	[DJW:]  
> 	This is invalid HTML (height may only be specified in pixels
> 	in TD elements) and attempts to create a circular reference,

height is defined as a Length
Length: The value (%Length; in the DTD) may be either a %Pixel; or a 
percentage of the available
horizontal or vertical space. Thus, the value "50%" means half of the 
available space.

> 	in that the only reasonable interpretation is % of row height,
> 	which depends on the maximum height of any cell in that row.

I agree with you, the use of percentage for heights generates a lot of 

> 	Also, if Amaya treats BR as being a paragraph break, and inserts
> 	that break into the object model seen by CSS, it is broken.
> 	BR is an inline element and cannot create a new block element.

The pseudo paragraph is generated just to keep in mind the area width in which
BR and images are set inline.

> 	[DJW:]  I suspect % heights on images are only useful when
> 	a containing element's height is specified using CSS.
> [DJW:]  
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