<img ... height="x%">

Sorry, if this is a silly question:

Why is amaya displaying my pages so terrible,
when I try to scale bitmaps?
With Netscape and IExplorer it looks quite good.
Do I violate the specification??
I did read the spec but could not find a mistake.

My html is like this:

    <a href="linux_de.html" target="Inhalt">
      <p><img SRC="sym-linux2.gif" BORDER="0" height="7%"></p>

Example page: http://www.stormlight.de/auswahl_de.html

Please reply to me directly,
I am not a member of this list.

M. Beyer

    Dipl.-Inform. Marcus Beyer       [mb@stormlight.de]
    Abt. Medizinische Informatik - Universitätsklinikum
    Stefan-Meier-Straße 26             D-79104 Freiburg
    Tel. +49/761/203-6698          Fax +49/761/203-6711
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Received on Wednesday, 24 January 2001 06:54:02 UTC