RE: Table Attribute Background

> From:	Dr. Josef Dalcolmo []
> When selecting a 'table' tag, the Attribute menu does not show the
> 'background' attribute, even though such an attribute is interpreted by
> Amaya in the way one would expect, if present in the source. This makes it
> hard to edit such an attribute and I believe it to be a bug.
	[DJW:]  Background is not a legal attribute for table
	elements in either strict or transitional HTML 4.0x.
	(bgcolor is legal but deprecated in the transitional

	I would say the bug was that it neither converted the
	attribute into 'style="background-image: url(...)....', nor
	coded it as red in the structure view, allowing its deletion.
	(I think it is in a half way house, where it has actually been
	rendered as part of the error recovery, and therefore exists too
	much to delete character by character in the structure view, but
	not enough to delete the whole attribute name!)
	As I understand it, Amaya is a validating editor for
	HTML 4 and upwards and the GUI will not allow the insertion of
	code which violates one of the relevant DTDs.

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