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On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Dave  J Woolley wrote:

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  > - agent-based processing of documents
  	Amaya has no scripting support.  I don't remember any
  	mention of XSL.  Development team to confirm.  Obviously, what
  	it produces can be manipulated by agents that do.

Amaya has a transformation language. It would be interesting to see if the
interface used to handle that could be used to apply XSLT transformations,
since it is easier to find XSLT transformations for specific tasks, including
some quite complex ones. (e.g. converting an HTML table of data to an SVG
graph, which would be a good use case).
  [DJW:]  By definition, pure XHTML documents cannot
  include other namespaces.  I suspect, however that
  Amaya can mix namespaces (it can certainly mix in MathML),
  and therefore create multi-namespace documents, not just
  XHTML namespace ones.

Hmm. This depends on what you mean by pure XHTML. If you rely on DTD
validity, then this is correct, but the Namespaces in XML recommendation
provides a way to mix different XML namespaces in a document. There are some
tools that understand this - Amaya handles a selected set of namespaces, and
a number of RDF tools can manipulate the RDF information mixed into an XML
document using namespaces. XSLT tools also support mixed-namespace documents
(XSLT itself relies on mixed-namespaces).


Charles McCN

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