AW: Printing-problems

Hi Irene,

I have added the code you sent me. Unfortunately, the error that occurs
is not always the same. 
WinErrorBox (NULL, TEXT("DrawPicture (2)")); doesn't show. Instead, an
access violation happens during the call of GlobalAlloc() just where you
wanted us to change the code. lpBmpInfo->bmiHeader.biSizeImage is 164728
and the crash occurs in a Windows function called by GlobalAlloc():

NTDLL! 77f8d064()
NTDLL! 77f74142()
NTDLL! 77f74876()
KERNEL32! 77f11527()
DrawPicture(_Box * 0x021c33d0, PictInfo * 0x0217ac00, int 1, int 1026,
int 901, int 2913, int 2181) line 1629 + 18 bytes

The program crashes before the assignment to lpBits is made.

If I start Amaya from within the debugger, it crashes in the call of
GlobalFree() at the same place. lpBits looks good (0x0013f008) and is
the same value as returned by GlobalAlloc().

Replacing GlobalAlloc() by malloc() and GlobalFree() by free() yields a
 a) when calling GetTextExtentPoint() in DrawString() (started from
Debugger) or
 b) when calling Print() in TtaPrint() (ok==1, PaperPrint==1, started
from command line).

To me, something bad has been done somewhere with the handling of
memory. Often when freeing a pointer twice or using a freed block the
system doesn't crash immediately. But when you access the memory later
on, a corrupt block is reused and the alloc/free function may crash.

With kind regards, Jörg.

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Gesendet am: Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2001 15:36
An: Holleck, Jörg
Cc: Irene VATTON;
Betreff: Re: Printing-problems 

Thanks a lot Joerg for your investigation. I know where I have to look
at in 
the code now.

It seems that your system doesn't allocate the Global memory. As the
code is 
not well
protected, the Amaya print crashed.
Could you check if the following path solves the problem:
line 1629 of picture.c:
	    lpBmpInfo = CreateBitmapInfoStruct(FrRef[frame],
	    lpBits = (LPBYTE) GlobalAlloc (GMEM_FIXED, lpBmpInfo->
	    if (!lpBits) 
	      WinErrorBox (NULL, TEXT("DrawPicture (2)"));
+           else
+           {
	    if (!GetDIBits (TtDisplay, (HBITMAP) (imageDesc->PicPixmap),
(UINT)lpBmpInfo->bmiHeader.biHeight, lpBits, lpBmpInfo, DIB_RGB_COLORS))
	      WinErrorBox (NULL, TEXT("DrawPicture (3)"));
	    PrintDIB (lpBmpInfo, lpBits, FrRef[frame], TtPrinterDC, x,
y, w, h);
               if (GlobalFree (lpBits) != NULL)
                  WinErrorBox (NULL, TEXT("DrawPicture (4)"));
+           }


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