Amaya 4.2.1


I had a look at amaya 4.2.1, looks very nice, but here are some points:

1) No support for frames. This doesn't bode well these days. Yes I
can't stand them either, but do need to look at them.

2) The loading if images can't be turned off. Very bad. I am not willing
to pay for all the graphics crap many sites put on their stuff.

3) It's impossible to access links derived from coordinates over an
image. This is also common these days; amaya fails dismally. These links
don't show up in the link view either. See for an

4) Why do numerous libraries (jpeg, z, ...) have to be statically
linked? GNU autoconf is a marvellous tool! (At 110M compiling it broke -
disk full. Had to shift somewhere else. All that for a 2M binary - this
has to be the highest ratio I've seen yet...)

5) When entering a URL, I still have to type the "http://". This is
majorly dumb as well as antiquated. I don't like software forcing me to
waste my time. I don't care whether it's in any www standard or not.
Political correctness only makes annoying software.

6) The editing in both the browser view and the html view is absolutely

7) If you made the little Help->About Amaya dialog window selectable, I
could paste your email address.


Received on Wednesday, 10 January 2001 03:39:40 UTC