Cut&Paste / directory listing via URL


it is quite nice to see that designing browsers is not left to two firms.
I hope that the W3C will continue in developing a browser demonstrating
the need for standardization - so I hope that Amaya will soon be fully
compatile to HTML 4.0 and CSS 2.

Using the Amaya V1.2a under Linux, I found two problems.

It woud be very convenient to have the selected text in the HTML window
('Formatted_view' and 'Links_view') of Amaya also available for cut & paste
actions under the X window system.
Is there a special function available now to achieve this, e.g. to insert
parts of a displayed HTML document in an editor like 'vi' running in an xterm?
Is it planned to built in such a feature in near future, e.g. as a new point
in the 'Edit' commands?

Getting a listing of a local directory is comfortably by using 'File' - 'Open
document', but it is standard to get a listing displayed in giving a directory
as URL. This function is not implemented in version 1.2a. I think this would
be quite a nice feature for later versions of Amaya.

Both points would also be solvable in creating another view: "Browser_view"
without any editing capabilities for all the old-fashioned webmasters pre-
ferring to create web pages in the fastest way possible - by simply manipu-
lating ASCII files with the familiar editor.   ;-)
Thus following links would be possible by just pressing one mouse button and
pressing cursor keys would cause the document to scroll a line.
Beneath that the browser should not go to the beginning of the document when
reloading a document.

Many thanks for your help,

Jochen M. Braun

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Received on Sunday, 21 June 1998 16:36:40 UTC