Re: http PUT brocken

> Hmmm...  Works well at W3C using Jigsaw and Jigedit, which uses access
> control.
> What server (and version) are you using?  Is it configured to support PUT?
> (Apache must be configured to use PUT; it doesn't work out of the box).

I use Apache, which is configured to use http/put.  Works well with
netscape and works also if no authentication is required.

BTW: there is another wierdness about the authentication: It comes up
with the authentication dialog multiple times (appearently for every
pic in the page, not sure about that number).

> Old servers (HTTP/1.0) will also fail in random ways, due to problems
> with the protocol, fixed in HTTP/1.1.

It's an apache 1.1.3.  Too old?

> You might also use Henrik Frystyk's  command line tool and/or his GUI put
> tool to test if your server is working correctly. 
> See:
> 				- Jim Gettys

Thanks for the pointer. I was looking for a command line http put tool
for a long time.


Received on Thursday, 18 June 1998 11:49:55 UTC