Bug while putting a document with Amaya...

On Digital UNIX, with Amaya 1.2a.

This is a bit involved:

I started up Amaya, and browsed to:


I rewrote this URL to:


Since Apache is not setting the Content-Location field properly (Henrik
is going to report this problem to the Apache group).

Ok, then I save the file.

Amaya is correctly redirected to the jigedit server in afs space, and 
successfully saves the file (actually does the PUT twice, due to another 
bug which Henrik is going to report).

Then modify the file again, and save the file again.

Sometimes I then get the message in a dialog box:
Failed to save to URL http://jigedit.w3.org/afs-ac/WWW/Protocols/HTTP/Forum/Reports/Overview.htmlwoiejhee
or other trash on the end of the URL (actually, the trash is just stuff
I typed, as it happens to be working for me as I compose this message).
Othertimes, it works with the correct URL...

Nothing like a flaky bug....

There is clearly a failure to terminate the generated URL string.

I suppose it could be a failure of the www.w3.org server by sending a 
bad redirect, or it could be Amaya failing to terminate the URL properly...

					- Jim

Received on Wednesday, 27 May 1998 12:34:32 UTC