Re: easier way to associate an existing style sheet to document?

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> Hi,
> currently, to link a style sheet to a document, one has to:
> 1) open the structure view of the document
> 2) select the "Structure/Link" menu command
> 3) select the "Attributes/rel" menu command
> 4) type "stylesheet" in the pop-up dialog box and click on "Apply"
> 5) select the Attributes/type" menu command
> 6) type "text/css" in the pop-up dialog box and click on "Apply"
> 7) select the "Attributes/href" menu command
> 8) type the URL of the style sheet in the pop-up dialog box and click
>    on "Apply" (no file browsing facility :-(
> Is there an easier way to achieve this? If not, may I suggest that a
> "Style/Link" command, in the formatted_view window could activate a
> file browser to select a stylesheet file and add a 
> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=...> to the head section of 
> the document? It would be so much more user-friendly.

  Using the old CSS dialogs:
    - click on the CSS icon
    - In the form, click on the [new] button
    - type-in the new URL and [add]
it should fetch the CSS, apply it and add the specific link in the
 This is old code and I'm not sure if it still work however ... I just
tried without problem but YMMV.


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