easier way to associate an existing style sheet to document?


currently, to link a style sheet to a document, one has to:

1) open the structure view of the document
2) select the "Structure/Link" menu command
3) select the "Attributes/rel" menu command
4) type "stylesheet" in the pop-up dialog box and click on "Apply"
5) select the Attributes/type" menu command
6) type "text/css" in the pop-up dialog box and click on "Apply"
7) select the "Attributes/href" menu command
8) type the URL of the style sheet in the pop-up dialog box and click
   on "Apply" (no file browsing facility :-(

Is there an easier way to achieve this? If not, may I suggest that a
"Style/Link" command, in the formatted_view window could activate a
file browser to select a stylesheet file and add a 
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=...> to the head section of 
the document? It would be so much more user-friendly.


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Received on Tuesday, 19 May 1998 09:09:29 UTC