Re: Amaya problems on DEC Alpha/Linux

> I faced a couple of problems compiling Amaya on an Alpha workstation
> running Linux (Red Hat 5.0). The first I imagine is not linux-specific,
> and I could fix it, but I can't handle the second.

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> The osf1 binaries are now available on our serveur (see 

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     I'm in a similar position (having a Alpha with RH 5.0) and not
being able to build cleanly.  I have seen comments (such as the
one below) about compatibility between OSF/1 (now Digital UNIX) and
Alpha Linux binaries.

     Is it possible that the Amaya OSF/1 binary was linked statically
or that a statically linked binary could easily be made available?

Jason C Webb ( wrote:
: Hi,

:      We're interested in getting an alpha based PC (something like a
: microway Screamer) to do number crunching on.  What I'm wondering is
: whether binaries which we compile under Digital Unix (DEC Fortran) on
: our Alpha Stations will run on the Alpha PC w/Linux as the OS?  Or,
: would we need to buy a compiler and compile under the new platform.

: Thanks,
: J

They will run if linked statically (with -non_cached flag). DEC Fortran
is still far superior than anything you can get on Linux/Alpha platform.
Xiaoguang Zhang

Received on Monday, 4 May 1998 13:11:01 UTC