Re: Various Problems With 1.2a


> I'm having several problems with the Amaya 1.2a binary for Solaris 2.5.
>     If I double-click on the "Amaya Manual" link on the opening page and
>     then on "Printing documents" on that page, I sometimes (usually) get:
>       HTTP-GW Internal Documentation
>       The HTTP-GW is part of the Trusted Information Systems Inc. firewall
>       toolkit and Gauntlet (TM) product.

This message comes from your proxy or your firewall and not from Amaya.
Did you initialize the proxy using the environment variables (http_proxy) 
or the thot.ini file?

It seems you have a problem with your proxy setting. Try it again using
the correct URL:

> (Btw: I'm not on the mailing list--if it matters.)

Why not? It's not hard to subscribe to it and it simplifies things for us.

Hope this helps,


Received on Friday, 24 April 1998 04:57:16 UTC