Re: install problem on solaris

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> are you saying the obj subdir is my own name for my variant? so if i
> wanted to configure/build another variant i would mkdir foo, cd there,
> run ../configure with different options, etc? that make some more sense

Right !

> but as we have agreed it is woefully undocumented. a simple INSTALL file
> should be made stating this and put in the top dir of the
> distribution. this is very critical i think for as more people build it,
> this flaw will surface again. we generally expect an INSTALL/README file
> to tell us how to build the basic system. and when i see configure, i
> don't expect to do any unsusual things like this without an INSTALL file
> in the source tree.

For us it was evident that you can build different binaries and install only
one. Don't forget that Amaya is an experimental tool. We are often adding
new extensions but some of them are not public available.

> good idea. for us users/testers who want to install the binaries (and
> whatever support files/libraries are needed) a proper make install
> should be available. you should have make install do the regular install
> (amaya and print) and make install-{all,dev} do the developers install
> (all the binaries).

I'll do that for the next release.

>   IV> The site should be accesible now, but I agree documentation is too
>   IV> poor.
> let's make it richer! as a major test platform and useful utility, the
> docs are as important as the source!

Yes but you know that better documentation is done by users than by developers.
We're open to any suggestion to make it better.

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