Re: install problem on solaris

>>>>> "IV" == Irene VATTON <> writes:

  IV> The connection to W3C site was corrupted yesterday for everybody.
  IV> I think all is ok now and you can download the 1.2a Amaya version
  IV> now.

i am glad it wasn't just me they were blocking out!  is 1.2a worth
getting over the 1.2 i have?

  IV> Not poor, very complex. We need subdir "obj" to allow us to build
  IV> different versions of Amaya (with/without plugins, with/without
  IV> java support, with/without MathML, etc.) and Thot applications for
  IV> different platforms in the same hierarchy.

i understand the variants, but why can't the makefile make the subdir
obj for you? it isn't hard for me to do (i do know the mkdir command :-)
but it is a trivial step that i didn't know about and i think it should
be automated in the built system.

  IV> Options and Makefiles are generated according to the current
  IV> target architecture and current configure options. We need
  IV> different subdirs to store these files and to collect *.o,
  IV> libraries and binaries.  I guess it's a good idea to collect all
  IV> these generated files in the same hierarchie.  We decided also to
  IV> let user defines the target name he wants because it is difficult
  IV> to automatically generate a name aoccrding to the platform and the
  IV> cofigure options.  Asking the user to create subdir "obj" solves
  IV> many problems and doesn't complicate too much his life.  If
  IV> sources are well downloaded and installed, all the rest is
  IV> automatic.

i haven't explored building amaya with variants. i have created major
variant makefile systems so i know the problems. 

are you saying the obj subdir is my own name for my variant? so if i
wanted to configure/build another variant i would mkdir foo, cd there,
run ../configure with different options, etc? that make some more sense
but as we have agreed it is woefully undocumented. a simple INSTALL file
should be made stating this and put in the top dir of the
distribution. this is very critical i think for as more people build it,
this flaw will surface again. we generally expect an INSTALL/README file
to tell us how to build the basic system. and when i see configure, i
don't expect to do any unsusual things like this without an INSTALL file
in the source tree.

  IV> I don't agree with you. If you need to create a link there was
  IV> something wrong in the previous step.

i will do a fresh extract and build (probably with 1.2a when i get
it). i will make a subdir obj, cd there and run ../configure. then i
will run make all from obj. i will let you know the results.

  IV> prs are also installed. We should define a mini-install. Only
  IV> amaya and print are necessary in many cases.

good idea. for us users/testers who want to install the binaries (and
whatever support files/libraries are needed) a proper make install
should be available. you should have make install do the regular install
(amaya and print) and make install-{all,dev} do the developers install
(all the binaries).

  IV> The site should be accesible now, but I agree documentation is too
  IV> poor.

let's make it richer! as a major test platform and useful utility, the
docs are as important as the source!


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