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preferences -- color

From: John Russell <VE3LL@RAC.CA>
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 09:54:59 -0400
To: www-amaya-dev@w3.org
Message-ID: <38F05373.32222.A4518D4@localhost>
I am able to set red correctly in a style sheet .....
So it seems all the errors that exist are within the
gui routines for hex/dec/name  to srgb   and in
the color picker itself....
Maybe the config file should recommend amaya.css
as THE way to set up things and do away with the
gui menu way unless it can be fixed. 
Actually this fits into philosophy of using css anyways...

Or if someone has been assigned to repair this area, it
would really be a nice feature if the picker had a hover
associated with the cursor that displayed the swatch
as  name / hex / dec .  this would give nice feedback as
well as displaying format for entry
light grey | #7f7f7f | rgb(127,127,127)  as an example.

this is on an win 95 platform.  i would like to have feedback
from unix people on whether their color picker works ok
and whether colors can be put in preference box using
hex or decimal  methods ok  .... this may help team
isolate it to a single platform issue.... 

john russell  VE3LL@RAC.CA

homepage: http://web.cgocable.net/~jrussel
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