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bug in amaya -- setting address

From: John Russell <VE3LL@RAC.CA>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 20:53:11 -0400
To: www-amaya-dev@w3.org
Message-ID: <38EF9C37.31830.77939A8@localhost>
I started a new document with file -- new  menu selection
it gave an url that was on my web site ....
i reset the address to file:\temp\temp.htm
and tried to save ... but it still wanted to save to web site url
but couldnt because i havent enabled upload from amaya....
i then tried to save as    but it defaulted to url agn
and i had to retype the file address.....
this is a bug !!!   windows 95 platform .....

john russell  VE3LL@RAC.CA

homepage: http://web.cgocable.net/~jrussel
Received on Sunday, 9 April 2000 20:53:02 UTC

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